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Flow of Transactions

We import and distribute most kinds of artificial flowers.
Please note that we only serve corporate clients.
Feel free to contact us regarding anything about artificial flowers.


The catalog is available upon request. Please feel free to request a copy.


If you would like a sample, please let us know. We can send 1 or more. Sample and shipping charges apply. Samples are shipped C.O.D.

Door-to-door Sales

We focus on door-to-door sales. Our major sales areas are Kinki, Sanyo, Shikoku, Kyushu, Aichi, and Tokyo. If you would like to have our sales represent-
ative visit, please feel free to let us know. The person in charge of sales will contact you. Please understand that we are unable to visit some areas.



After receiving your request, we will consult with you about the terms and conditions. We accept advance payment or C.O.D. For bank transfer payments, we ship the next day when we have your order in stock.


We use Sagawa Express for large packages, and Yu-pack for small ones. Shipping charges apply. Sagawa Express shipping is usually around 1,200 yen. Yu-pack is usually around 650 yen. There is an additional charge of 300 to 600 yen for C.O.D.

Special Orders

To best meet your needs, we accept special orders for all kinds of artificial flowers. We can expedite our
work if you send us a full-size model or photo. We occasionally experience issues regarding delivery date and order quantity with products manufactured in China. Please consult with us first.


We accept advance payment or C.O.D. from new customers. Bank transfer or C.O.D. fees may apply.


Although we take all possible measures to ensure the quality of our products, if you find any defects due to some cause attributable to us, please return your product C.O.D. We will refund your money.

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