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Jan. 3, 2004
"NHKF pays special attention to the Bukka niche market"
NHKF has been successful in differentiating itself from other competitors in the Japanese flower market through Bukka.
- Osaka Nichinichi Shimbun, morning edition
*1. NHKF = New Hongkong Flowers Co., Ltd.
*2. Bukka = Artificial flowers for Shinto and Buddhist rituals
Nov. 26, 2003
"Offerings of artificial flowers at graves contribute to reduction of garbage"
- Osaka Nichinichi Shimbun, morning edition
Oct. 22, 2003
Seminar for Mass Media Strategy held at Osaka Sangyo Sozokan (Business Innovation Center)
Koji Okada, President (then senior managing director), delivered a lecture on "Strategies for Using the Mass Media."
Aug. 15, 2003
NHK headline news: "Artificial flowers are popular as grave offerings"
Artificial flowers for graves are a recent development. Recently it seems that people don't mind whether flowers to be offered at graves are fresh or artificial, as long as the quality is high enough.
Apr. 24, 2003
"Elaborate Cleyara japonica sell like hot cakes" - Osaka Nichinichi Shimbun, morning edition
NHKF, a well-established company for artificial flowers, sells artificial Cleyara japonica. Although the price of artificial Cleyara japonica is double that of fresh ones, orders are increasing.
Apr. 8, 2003
"Artificial versions of sacred Shinto tree branches" - The Sankei Shimbun, morning edition
A company in Osaka engaged in distributing artificial flowers has created improved artificial flower products which are to be used as offerings at shrines.
Feb. 7, 2003
"Artificial flowers strike us as real things" - The Mainichi Newspapers, evening edition
They are made so well that they may be mistaken for the real thing.
Apr. 1, 1992
Florist Magazine "The Sunflower Design School"
Hands-on experience at a flower arrangement school in Kansas, USA.
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