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Brightng up your time. That is what we do.

We hope you will feel as if it's spring
when you see cherry blossoms displayed in stores you visit.

We hope red roses in the party hall
will brighten and please all the attendants.

We hope you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief,
looking at greenery in the corner of your office.

We hope white lilies arranged for memorial services
will ease your pain even for a moment.

We are delighted when we are able to create such an environment.

Coloring precious moments of your life with flowers.

We will do our best to realize this for you.

presidentPresident Koji Okada

Artificial flowers decorate various places in our daily lives such as homes, offices, shops, wedding halls and funeral homes. However, our job is not only decorating such places. No matter how beautifully artificial flowers are arranged, it's not enough if they don't catch people's attention or arouse emotions in their minds. We create value when people looking at flowers, even for a moment, brighten up or feel relief, or notice the changing seasons. Decorating time with color; this is what we do.

Auditor Keiichi Okada

With expertise gained through more than 90 years of providing services, establishing of direct import routes, and building large-scale distribution centers, we offer the highest-quality artificial flowers for your budget. When it comes to artificial flowers, contact us first to find out more.

We import and distribute most kinds of artificial flowers.

Please note that we only serve corporate clients.

Feel free to contact us regarding anything about artificial flowers.

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