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Examples of Artificial Flower Arrangement
for Shinto and Buddhist Rituals

Here are just some examples of artificial flower arrangement for Shinto and Buddhist rituals. In addition to
the examples below, we have an extensive range of artificial flowers for Shinto and Buddhist rituals (Bukka).

New High-Grade Bukka - Extra Large
  • 275001
  • New High-Grade Bukka - Extra Large
  • H64cm x W30cm
    Red / White
Wrapped Bukka: 20 sets
  • 124507
  • Wrapped Bukka: 20 sets
  • (bunches of flowers)
    *includes our original showcase
  • Size of flowers: H33cm x W20cm
    Size of showcase: H45cm x W45cm x D33cm
Water Lotus
  • 292800
  • Water Lotus
  • H52cm x W14cm
    White / Pink
three Chrysanthemums
  • 255201
  • Three Chrysanthemums
  • H74cm x W8cm
    White / Yellow / Purple / Pink
Star Lily
  • 260205
  • Star Lily
  • H70cm x W10cm
    Yellow / White / Bordeaux
Floating Lotus Flower
  • Floating Lotus Flower
Cleyera japonica
  • Cleyera Japonica
Shikimia japonica
  • Japanese Star Anise
Hiba arborvitae
  • Podocarpaceae
Eurya japonica
  • Eurya Japonica
Japanese Umbrella-pine
  • Japanese Umbrella-Pine
offering of flowers
  • Offering of Flowers
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